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Introduction to Data Visualization and Power of Tableau

What is data visualization.

Comparison and benefits against reading raw numbers.

Real usage examples from various business domains.

Some quick powerful examples using Tableau without going into the technical details of Tableau.

Architecture of Tableau

Installation of Tableau Desktop.

Architecture of Tableau.

Interface of Tableau (Layout, Toolbars, Data Pane, Analytics Pane etc).

How to start with Tableau.

Ways to share and exporting the work done in Tableau.

Hands-on Exercise – Play with the tableau desktop, interface to learn its user interface, Share an existing work, Export an existing work

Working with Metadata & Data Blending

Connection to Excels

PDFs and Cubes

Managing Metadata and Extracts

Data Preparation and dealing with NULL values

Data Joins (Inner, Left, Right, Outer) and Union

Cross Database joining

Data Blending

Hands-on Exercise –

Connect to an excel sheet and import data

Use metadata and extracts

Handle NULL values

Clean up the data before the actual use

Perform various join techniques

Perform data blending from more than one sources

Creation of sets

Marks, Highlighting

Sort and Group

Working with Sets (Creation of sets, Editing sets, IN/OUT, Sets in Hierarchies)

Hands-on Exercise –

Create and edit sets using Marks

Highlight desired items

Make groups, Applying sorting on result

Make hierarchies in the created set

Working with Filters

Filters (Addition and Removal), Filtering continuous dates, dimensions, measures, Interactive Filters

Hands-on Exercise – Add Filter on data set by date/dimensions/measures, Use interactive filter to views, Remove some filters to see the result

Organizing Data and Visual Analytics

Formatting Data (Labels, Annotations, Tooltips, Edit axes), Formatting Pane (Menu, Settings, Font, Alignment, Copy-Paste), Trend and Reference Lines, Forecasting, k-means Cluster Analysis in Tableau

Hands-on Exercise – Apply labels, annotations, tooltips to graphs, Edit the attributes of axes, Set a reference line, Do k-means cluster analysis on a dataset

Working with Mapping

Coordinate points, Plotting Longitude and Latitude, Editing Unrecognized Locations, Custom Geocoding, Polygon Maps, WMS: Web Mapping Services, Background Image (Add Image, Plot Points on Image, Generate coordinates from Image)

Hands-on Exercise – Plot latitude and longitude on geo map, Edit locations on the map, Create custom geocoding, Use images of a map and plot points on it, find coordinates in the image, Create a polygon map, Use WMS

Working with Calculations & Expressions

Calculation Syntax and Functions in Tableau, Types of Calculations (Table, String, Logic, Date, Number, Aggregate), LOD Expressions (concept and syntax), Aggregation and Replication with LOD Expressions, Nested LOD Expressions

Working with Parameters

Create Parameters, Parameters in Calculations, Using Parameters with Filters, Column Selection Parameters, Chart Selection Parameters

Hands-on Exercise – Create new parameters to apply on a filter, Pass parameters to filters to selet columns, Pass parameters to filters to select charts

Charts and Graphs

Dual Axes Graphs, Histogram (Single and Dual Axes), Box Plot, Pareto Chart, Motion Chart, Funnel Chart, Waterfall Chart, Tree Map, Heat Map, Market Basket analysis

Hands-on Exercise – Plot a histogram, heat map, tree map, funnel chart and others using the same data set, Do market basket analysis on a given dataset

Dashboards and Stories

Build and Format a Dashboard (Size, Views, Objects, Legends and Filters), Best Practices for Creative and Interactive Dashboards using Actions, Create Stories (Intro of Story Points, Creating and Updating Story Points, Adding Visuals in Stories, Annotations with Description)

Hands-on Exercise – Create a dashboard view, Include objects, legends and filters, Make the dashboard interactive, Create and edit a story with visual effects, annotation, description

Integration of Tableau with R and Hadoop

Introduction to R Language, Applications and Use Cases of R, Deploying R on Tableau Platform, Learning R functions in Tableau, Integration with Hadoop

Hands-on Exercise – Deploy R on tableau, Create a line graph using R interface, Connect tableau with Hadoop and extract data.