Course Curriculum

UNIT-1: Classifying Plant Maintenance from a Business perspective

  • Traditional forms of Organization in SAP Plant Maintenance
  • Planning in Plant Maintenance
  • Plant Maintenance Methods
  • Benchmarking in Plant Maintenance based on key performance
  • Modern Plant Maintenance management

UNIT-2: Objects in R/3 PM

Objects in R/3 PM

  • SAP PM Module – Managing Technical Objects
  • Functional Locations and equipment
  • Using other Logistics master data in PM
  • Measuring points and counters
  • SAP PM Work Centers
  • Maintenance Task lists and maintenance plans
  • Maintenance Notifications
  • Maintenance Orders

Getting Started with Release 4.6

  • The PM menu with easy access
  • The business workplace
  • Support Line Feedback as in interface to SAP
  • PM Documentation in the SAP Library

UNIT-3: Breakdown Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance

  • Tasks of the SAP PM Technician
  • Tasks of the SAP PM Planner
  • Tasks of the Controller

UNIT-4: Planned Maintenance, Integrative Aspects

BP: Planned Maintenance

  • Tasks of the PM Technician
  • Tasks of the PM Planner
  • Tasks of the Controller

SAP Plant Maintenance Training – Integrative Aspects

  • General
  • Integration of SAP MM
  • Integration Production Planning
  • Integration of Quality Management
  • Integration of Project Systems
  • Integration of Investment Management
  • Integration of Controlling
  • Integration of Asset Accounting
  • Integration of Human Resources

UNIT 5: Interfaces to Non-SAP Systems

  • Interface to process control systems and building control systems
  • Interfaces to CAD systems