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SAP IBP online training 

Introduction to IBP

  • Excel Add-on,
  • WebUI
  • HCI


Planning Models in SAP Integrated Business Planning

  • Sample Planning Areas

Model Configuration Process

Master Data Types and Attributes

  • Creating Attributes
  • Creating Master Data Types

Time Profiles and Time Periods

  • PERIODID and PERIODID (n) Attributes in Time Profile Levels
  • Creating Time Profiles
  • Creating Time Periods for a Time Profile

Planning Areas

  • Creating Planning Areas

Planning Levels

  • Creating Planning Levels
  • Examples of Planning Levels

Key Figures

  • Types of Key Figures
  • Creating Key Figures
  • Copying Key Figures
  • Changing Key Figures
  • Display Options for Key Figures
  • Key Figure Calculations
  • Defaulting to another Key Figure
  • Adding Calculations to Key Figures
  • Decimal Places in Key Figure Values
  • Commonly Used Functions and Expressions
  • Calculations across Different Planning Levels
  • Using Attributes in Key Figure Calculations
  • Using Time Periods in Key Figure Calculations


  • Creating Versions

Planning Operators

  • Creating a Planning Operator
  • Assigning a Planning Operator to a Planning Area
  • Advanced Simulation (ADVSIM) Operator
  • Example: Setting Up the ADVSIM Operator
  • Copy (COPY) Operator
  • Example: Setting Up the Copy Operator
  • Snapshot (SNAPSHOT) Operator
  • Redo Snapshot (SNAPSHOTREDO) Operator
  • Statistical Forecasting (IBPFORECAST) Operator
  • Group (GROUP) Operator
  • Example: Setting Up a Group Operator
  • Inventory Optimization (IO) Operator
  • Purge Change History (PCH) Operator
  • Purge Key Figure Data (PURGE) Operator
  • S&OP (SCM) Operator


  • Configuring Snapshots

Activating Planning Models

  • Statuses of Model Entities
  • Example: Changing Model Entities That Are Dependent on Each Other
  • Example: Deleting an Attribute from an Active Master Data Type and Active Planning Area
  • Activating Time Profiles, Master Data Types, and Planning Areas
  • Troubleshooting for Model Activation Errors
  • Error: Ensure * is included in the generated calculation graph
  • Error: Check that key figure ID has a calculation at REQUEST Level
  • Error: Expression is not valid
  • Errors relating to key figures with calculations at different planning levels
  • Deleting Active Objects (Active Deletion)
  • Troubleshooting for Active Deletion

Copy Options for Planning Model

  • Copying Master Data with the Advanced Copy Function

Transporting Model Entities

  • Exporting a Model Entity from the Source System
  • Importing a Model Entity into the Target System
  • Best Practices for Transporting Planning Model
  • Model Transport in a 2-Phase Configuration Project

Emergency Access to Production System

Miscellaneous Settings

  • Creating Reason Codes
  • Managing Global Configurations
  • Creating a Global Configuration Parameter
  • Global Configuration Parameters
  • Configuration History

Advanced Modeling Topics

  • Aggregation and Disaggregation of Data across Different Time Levels
  • Extending the Length of an Attribute
  • Example: Defining an Attribute as a Key Figure
  • Time-Independent Key Figures
  • Example: Configuring Currency Conversion
  • Example: Configuring Unit of Measure Conversion
  • Example: Attribute Transformations
  • Configuring Price and Cost for Currency and UoM Conversions
  • Enabling Change History for Key Figures
  • Enabling Change History for Master-Data-Based Key Figures

Reserved Names and Naming Restrictions

Excel Add-on

  • Installation
  • Usage of the Add-on
  • Simulation and Scenarios
  • Different options
  • EPM template administration
  • Creating filters, Favorites
  • Creating templates
  • Running and Scheduling the planning operators
  • Checking the status of background runs.


  • HCI agent
  • Creating the projects
  • Creating and validating the tasks
  • Promoting the tasks
  • Creating file formats, replicating the data sources.

IBP For Demand

  • Introduction
  • Demand planning
  • Model components
  • Data preparation
  • Data cleaning
  • Statistical forecast
  • Market input
  • Release forecast
  • Demand sensing
  • Introduction
  • Model components
  • Demand sensing models
  • Execute and calculate demand Sensing
  • Adjust demand sensing results

IBP for Supply

  • Overview of IBP Multilevel Supply Planning
  • General Master Data Types
  • Modeling Sourcing Rules
  • Modeling Multi-Level Production
  • Modeling Lot Sizes
  • Modeling Handling and Storage Resources
  • Modeling Substitute Products
  • Attributes as Key Figures
  • Input Key Figures
  • Output Key Figures
  • Input/output Key Figures
  • The Heuristic Planning Operator
  • Parameters of the Heuristic Operator
  • Optimizer Key Figures
  • The Optimizer Planning Operator
  • Lot Size Planning with the Optimizer
  • In-transit and Downstream Key Figures
  • Supply Planning Computed Quota Arrang

IBP for Supply chain control Tower (SCCT)

  • Introduction
  • SAP5 model overview
  • Dashboards and Analytics
  • Custom alerts
  • Case management