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General Controlling Concept of controlling
Organizational structure
Controlling Area
Assignment of company  code to controlling area
No. of ranges for controlling documents
Integration with FI with CO
Cost Element accounting Cost element group
Primary cost element
Secondary cost element
posting to cost element
Cost element categories
Automatic Creation of Primary and Secondary Cost Elements
Manual Reposting of Costs
Manual Reposting of Revenues
Repost Line Items
Cost center Accounting Activate Cost Center Accounting in Controlling Area
Define Standard Hierarchy
Define Cost Center Categories
Create Cost Centers
Activate Inactive Cost Centers
Delete Inactive Cost Centers
Define Cost Center Groups
Define Cost Elements for Activity Allocation
Create Activity Types
Define Activity Type Groups
Maintain Statistical Key Figures
Maintain Statistical Key Figure Groups
Cost center Planning
Activity Planning
Primary cost  allocation
secondary cost allocation
Internal order concept of Internal order
Type of Internal order
Order type
creation of orders
Important field in order master data
settlement profile
allocation structure
Distribution Rule
Planning of Internal order
Actual cost posting to Internal order
Transfer of cost from IO or to IO
Settlement  Rule
Settlement of Internal order
Internal order Report
Profit center Accounting Definition of Profit center
Controlling Area Settings
Define Profit Center Standard Hierarchy in Controlling Area
Profit center group
Dummy profit center
Creation of Profit center
Posting to profit center
Derivation of profit center
Reports for Profit centers
Activate Inactive Profit Centers
Delete Inactive Profit Centers
Assign Default Profit Center to Accounts
Product costing Product Cost Planning
Basic Settings for Material Costing
Maintain Overhead Cost Elements
Define Costing Sheets
Define Overhead Keys
Define Overhead Groups
Define Cost Component Structure
Material Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure
Define Costing Variants
Material Cost Estimate Without Quantity Structure
Cost Object Controlling
Bills of Material
Costing Run
OH Calculation
Maintain OH Rates
Profitability segment  Concept of Operating concern
Concept of Profitability segment
Concept of characteristics
Concept of value fields
Define characteristics & Value fields
Maintain Assignment of SD Conditions to CO-PA Value Fields
Transfer of Billing Documents
Define PA Transfer Structure for Settlement
Assign PA Transfer Structure to Settlement Profile
Posting of COPA document
COPA Report
Other concepts (extra may or may not Available) Integration with PS module
Integration with PP Module
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