S4hana Simple Finance 1709



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Course Content:

SAP S/4 HANA Simple Finance 1709 Course Content

01.sFIN – Simple Finance
1:1 Introducing SAP HANA
1:2 Introducing SAP S4 HANA
1:3 Outlining SAP Simple Finance

02.Overview of the Simple Finance Add-On
2:1 Providing Technical Overview of the Implementation Prerequisites
2:2 Describe the Architecture of the Simple Finance
2:3 Analyzing the universal Journal
2:4 Analyzing the Central Finance
2:5 Providing an overview of Reporiting Options
2:6 Introducing SAP Fiori
2.7 Simple Finance Central Finance

03.Migration to the SAP Simple Finance On-Premise Edition
3:1 Explaining the Migration Process for the SAP Simple Finance On-Premise Edition
3:2 Analyzing the Migration process per system starting point
3:3 Simulation: Display financials tables before migration
3:4 Preparing for Migration to and installing the SAP Simple Finance On-Premise Edition
3:5 Simulation : Perform System checks before migrations
3:6 Configuring General ledger Accounting
3:7 Simulation : Configure General Ledger accounting for Migration
3:8 Configuring new Asset Accounting
3:9 Simulation : Configure Asset Accounting ( new ) for migration
3:10 Migration to new Asset Accounting
3:11 Simulation : Activate new Asset Accounting
3:12 Customizing Controlling ( Accounting Based CO-PA )
3:13 Simulation : Configure Controlling for Migration
3:14 Migration to the Universal Journal
3:15 Simulation : Perform checks and data enrichment
3:16 Finalizing the Migration
3:17 Simulation : Perform and Finalize the migration
3:18 Simulation : Perform activities after migration
3:19 Simulation : Execute HANA optimized reporting transactions
3: 20 Simulation : Create an Appendix Ledger and post a journal to it

04.Result of Migration to the SAP Simple Finance On-Premise
4:1 New Asset Accounting
4:2 Simulation : Create an asset and post an asset acquisition
4:3 Simulation : Post a partial asset scrapping and simulate a depreciation run
4:4 Explain the Results of Migration
4:5 Simulation : Perform internal order settlement
4:6 Simulation : Configure and test CO=PA characteristic derivation
SAP Accounting Powered by SAP HANA

05.General Ledger Accounting
5:1 GL Accounts and Cost Elements in SAP Accounting powered by HANA
5:2 Simulation : How to create a primary Cost Account
5:3 Simulation : Create a Secondary Cost Account
5:4 Simulation : How to create an asset account as a statistical cost element
5:5 Simulation : Create default account assignment
5:6 How to use the period lock transactions
5:7 Managing Ledgers in SAP Accounting powered by SAP HANA
5:8 Simulation : Post-secondary cost to Financial Accounting
5:9 Simulation: Create an appendix ledger and post a document to it
• Universal journal
• Non-disruptive approach
• Ledgers and currency settings
• Extending ledger (Appendix ledger) functionality
• GL master data
• CO integration
• New settings in S4/HANA Finance
• Obsolete settings in S4/HANA Finance
• Changes linked to AP & AR

06.Asset Accounting
6:1 Providing an Overview of new Asset Accounting Functions
6:2 Simulation : Create Assets
6:3 Posting Logic in New Asset Accounting
6:4 Simulation : Posting Integrated Asset Acquisitions
6:5 Simulation : Post a partial scrapping to an asset
6:6 Simulation : Post a partial scrapping to an asset
6:7 Simulation : Execute a depreciation posting run and analyzing the log
6:8 Simulation : Manage Depreciation Runs
6:9 Configuring new Asset Accounting
• New architecture in Asset accounting
• Integrated asset acquisition
• Prerequisites- New Asset accounting
• Configuration changes- New Asset accounting
• Migration -New asset accounting technical and data migration
• Limitations-New asset accounting

07.Management Accounting
7:1 Understanding the new Architecture of Management Accounting
7:2 Simulation : How to check the configuration of the integration CO > FI
7:3 Explaining CO-PA and ML in SAP Simple Finance
7:4 Simulation : How to check the configuration of the operation Concern
7:5 Simulation : How to check the customizing for the Cost of Goods Sold split
7:6 Simulation : Post and analyze the cost of Goods Sold
7:7 Simulation : Process purchase to invoice ( Material Ledger update )
7:8 Outlining new period Closing Programs for Management Accounting
7:9 Simulation : How to check the configuration for splitting price differences
7:10 Simulation : post Price Difference – Variance Categories of Production Order
• Profitability Analysis solutions in S/4HANA
• New Profitability Analysis in the Universal Journal
• Attributed Profitability Segment Derivation
• Profitability Characteristics for Balance sheet items (Customer projects)
• Cost of goods sold split at Cost component level
• Production Order Variances split
• Reconciliation with financials
• Enhancements in S4/HANA 1610
• Migration path for existing SAP ERP CO-PA customers
• Key differences in COPA solutions with and without S4/HANA

08.Further Simple Finance Integration
8:1 Providing an overview of Cash management Functions
8.2.Bussiness Partner
8:3 Simulation: Mange House Bank Accounts
8:4 outlining the Functions of Integrated Business Planning for Finance ( IBPF )
8:5 Simulation: Plan Costs using IBPF
• Bank accounting Management (BAM)
• Cash operations
• Liquidity Management
• FIORI Apps under S4/HNA-Accounting space