SAP Online Training

We make SAP Learning Easy and Affordable

SAP Learning was very well received by our users. The users demanded easy-to-use and hands-on SAP exercises. Real learning-by-doing, not boring PowerPoint or Word documents  .

s4hanapro provides flexible and affordable SAP training

Our focus is on SAP Learning-by-Doing and Hands-On SAP exercises because it’s the best way to learn SAP. We have provided online SAP eLearning courses since 2015 and the company is global leader in SAP eLearning and develops high quality SAP eLearning courses for SAP consultants and professional SAP users.

It is our mission is to improve SAP skills and SAP understanding and to make super-users and consultants better in SAP.

SAP Learning-by-Doing

The best way to learn SAP is to try it. Learn SAP hands-on in real SAP screens and experience true SAP learning-by-doing . Join the +35,000 users already doing SAP eLearning. You can register online now and start learning SAP immediately.

The feedback from the employees has been great. We are very satisfied with the SAP eLearning courses – p Carrel (France)

     Learn SAP when and where you want

SAP training online, directly from the Internet. You can study when you have time, from a PC at home or in the office. No special software is required and your SAP account is always open.